Colleague Testimonials

Lianne Sagar, PMP Senior Manager, Marketing at Autodesk
Lianne managed Bre directly at Autodesk

Bre is a talented social media manager, comfortable in working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Adept at quickly shifting approach in order to successfully counter-act algorithmic changes, Bre drove strong results across all key social KPIs. Customer-focused, Bre always works to ensure content is relevant and will resonate with her audience, delivering brand value. Bre is a great team-player, ready, willing and able to pull up her sleeves and get the job done collaboratively. Willing to learn and keen to experiment, Bre takes responsibility for ensuring she is up to date on the latest platforms and technological developments, which may influence strategy and, or impact her target audience. Extremely interested in the numbers and ensuring a continual up and to the right trajectory, Bre successfully executed multiple pilots across international audiences and identified key insights to inform further strategic execution. Bre was a valued member of my team.

Liz Nugent Manager, Autodesk Brand Partnerships
Liz was senior to Bre but didn’t manage directly at Autodesk

I had the pleasure of working with Bre during her role as Social Media Coordinator at Autodesk. Bre was a go-to collaborator, and someone I always consulted for innovative and creative ideas whether connected to social or other marketing activities. She is an excellent team member, willing to support and help others, as well as make you laugh through the project. She kept our priorities and goals in mind and was able to stay focused on a business that is always putting a new initiative in front of you. She is extremely organized, both in her own project management as well as her communication and extended team management; she worked with multiple vendors and managed it all cleanly and effortlessly. The thing I appreciate most about working with Bre though is her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. She is always willing to test something new and take the learnings from the successes and failures to make well-informed decisions. She is eager to learn more and expand her knowledge to new arenas. Bre is an expert marketer and a wonderful teammate. Any company would be lucky to have her!

Nelle Sacknoff Global Marketing Director
Bre worked with Nelle in the same group

I’ve known Bre for several years professionally and worked closely with her on various digital marketing initiatives, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone. Not only is she a pleasure to work with– a true team player and positive– but she also has all the key leadership and technical skills a team needs to accelerate their digital transformation and marketing impact. Bre is a natural born problem solver and consistently uses her commitment to quality, data, and creative vision to test and drive both innovation and optimization. When we worked on a lean, fast-paced team to build and grow Autodesk’s first 3D printing cloud platform and developer community quickly from 0 to 1000 developers, Bre collaborated well with all cross-functional stakeholders to help us launch our email and social marketing programs to for maximum impact and influence. She is dependable and loyal, and I trust Bre to take on any challenge and stand by her word. When we reached roadblocks or could be doing things differently/better, I can count on Bre to leverage her strong marketing expertise and communications skills to move projects forward with confidence. Even when faced with challenging time and resource constraints as our scope significantly broadened to support all digital marketing programs for the entire Autodesk cloud development platform – Bre took it on with guts and grace. I could count on her to manage expectations well, multiple people, build a cross-functional team/network– both internally and with contractors– to prioritize all of the moving parts, continue our progress forward, and to achieve our team goals.

Angela Cooper Senior Marketing Professional/Community Relations
Bre worked with Angela in the same group at Autodesk

Bre is a valuable team member and was extremely helpful in optimizing social media content for my campaigns. She is very creative and doesn’t hesitate to bring new ideas to the table. I always appreciated her insight and her ‘what if we try this..’ attitude.

Helena Tonković Digital Marketer
Helena worked with Bre in different groups

Bre was the most collaborative and creative, problem-solving and engaging colleague I´ve worked with in Autodesk. I´ve had a pleasure of working with Bre very closely as both of us were part of a global Marketing team within Autodesk Education department, part of a Business Strategy Marketing organization in the company. Working on a number of Social Media accounts and an active online community within a global company such as Autodesk, came with challenges. However, having Bre and her full support on the team made our problems easy solvable. Bre has a wonderful creative vision and her ability to move things around and lead in a corporate environment is admirable. That ability alone is something that usually takes years to perfect and Bre manages it effortlessly. Her communication style is direct and easy to follow while still polite and considerate with great attention to detail and prioritization of company goals. She is innovative, engaging and able to collaborate for maximum impact and influence. Even though we worked with 6000 miles distance and 9 hours of time difference between us, I always felt like she was sitting next to me. I am confident Bre will be a passionate leader in any organization she chooses to work with in future and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again anytime. In the meantime, I will miss her sense of humor greatly.

Jessie Wu Growth Marketing Manager at Particle
Bre worked with Jessie in the same group at Autodesk

Bre has comprehensive knowledge of social media. She is data-driven and uses different tools to track and measure the success of social media strategy. She can assess the available social channels we have to reach potential customers and prioritize the right ones. She has successfully developed and scaled audience and engagement growth across different platforms. Bre is an excellent collaborator who is resourceful and insightful.

LeeAnn Manon VP Marketing and Customer Experience
LeeAnn was senior to Bre but didn’t manage directly at Autodesk

Bre is a talented social media and content marketer. She is data-driven and constantly learning new things, pushing what she and the organization knows and is capable of to new levels. She is an asset to any team, bringing not just her own expertise but also helping foster a culture of growth and innovation.

Thom Tremblay Owner/Trainer/Designer – Concepts and Design
Thom was a client of Bre’s at Autodesk

Bre did a great job of guiding my contributions to a very fast moving project that connected Autodesk to students at multiple levels. Her understanding of effective strategies for social networking and promoting presentations built successful outreach campaigns.

Ankita Singh Customer Experience Analytics at Autodesk
Bre worked with Ankita in the same group at Autodesk

Bre is a brilliant social media marketer with a knack for social media analytics. She is a go-getter which makes it so easy and fun to work with her. She is curious and passionate and genuinely cares about what’s best for customers.

Kristina Colpitts Digital Marketing Consultant
Bre worked with Kristina in the same group at Autodesk

Working with Bre has been awesome. She researched and introduced new tools that helped the social media team leverage new ways to measure growth and engagement by channel and country. Hope that our paths cross again and we can collaborate on future projects!

Brian Kraemer Director, Social Media at Hyatt Hotels
Brian was senior to Bre but didn’t manage directly at Autodesk

I had the pleasure of working with Bre at Autodesk of multiple projects over the course of our two years together at Autodesk. During that time I found to be a true social media pro: she understands the platforms, how they work with each other, the different ways that they can reach discreet audiences and drive marketing and communications objectives. Her content development and communications skills were matched only by her grace under pressure, sense of humor, wit, and desire to do the very best work possible. I would happily work with Bre again at any company or on any project again. And I hope to get the opportunity to do just that sooner rather than later.

Andrew Taylor Community Marketing | Partnership & Brand Strategy
Bre worked with Andrew in the same group

It’s easy to take the value of Bre’s technical proficiency, social media insight, and eagerness to collaborate for granted because she is such a decent person to work with. She is open to trying new ideas but keeps the team rooted with the realities of practical, meaningful metrics. I look forward to working with her on new projects.

David Gartner I help smart ideas become strong brands
David was senior to Bre but didn’t manage directly at Autodesk

Bre is a social media ninja: she always strikes at the right place and the right time. She was my go-to social media strategist and content developer for our launch of Spark, Autodesk’s 3D printing platform. What stands out most for me is her ability to focus on just the right efforts to get maximum effect. This was important for a fast-moving project. Beyond the tactical, she was a true pleasure to work with, bringing a straightforwardness and humor to everything she did. I highly recommend Bre – she’d be an asset to any smart marketing team.

Jesse Harrington Au Design Manager
Jesse managed Bre directly at Autodesk

There are very few people that can change how a large organization views a major marketing practice like social. Bre was able to accomplish this with ease, She single-handedly turned our company social media strategy and tools on its head. Through constant research into best practices, she helped to ensure that we remained current with new tech both for posting as well as tracking. This is no easy task in today’s disruptive social landscape. Under Bre’s guidance, our channels grew not only in impressions but valued engagement. I could recommend no one more, she has been an absolute pleasure and joy to work with and I can only hope to work with her again in the near future.

Jena Shore Content Marketing Manager, Education at Autodesk
Bre worked with Jena in the same group

It was a pleasure to work with Bre on the education team at Autodesk. Not only did she excel at all aspects of social media marketing – like understanding our audience, building community, and managing messaging and content – but she also went above and beyond her job description to write exceptional blog posts and articles. Bre was always excited to learn new things and improve processes. She brought great ideas to strategy meetings and built solid programs and plans. I looked forward to seeing her monthly social media reports as they were informative, helped with direction and always had interesting information to help our team create better content. On a personal level, Bre has a keen design aesthetic that is very inspiring. She is kind, personable, engaging and funny. I am very optimistic that on whatever path Bre travels, she will shine.

Jonathan Wadley Associate Faculty at Saddleback College
Jonathan managed Bre directly at America for Animals

It was almost one year ago that Bre Roz emailed us. Her message said, “I have been looking for a volunteer opportunity where I can put my social media skills to use becoming a voice for animals – and this looks like the one!” And what a voice she has been! She has built and managed a small army of compassionate and dedicated social media volunteers. When she came onboard, we were reaching about 2,500 people per month through Facebook. Last month, we reached over 70,000 people. The AFA Instagram account has been taking off and just surpassed 2,000 Likes. This is a credit to our great social media volunteer team. And to Bre, who has been the strategic and organizational mind behind it (and she even writes posts, too).

Bob Barnett / Bob Czworka Vice President of Programming at Entercom
Bob managed Bre directly at Entercom

At a time when digital technologies seem to change by the day, bringing someone into your organization that has an “expert” background in these various platforms, is able to work within a company’s ever-changing digital strategy, and is curious about exploring and adopting emerging tools is incredibly valuable to any organization. Bre is that flexible, curious, expert in the new digital world!

Chris Crowley Program Director at Entercom Portland
Chris worked with Bre in different groups at Entercom

Bre is a specialist in the field of Social Media. It’s easy to recognize her skill set in a variety of social network platforms in just talking with her, but seeing her teach those skills to others really drives the point home; Bre understands social media. There’s no other way to put it. She continues to be a valuable resource in social media growth and engagement along with web development and digital content creation for Entercom.

Mike Danger Program Director at 98 PXY and ESPN
Bre worked with Mike in the same group at Entercom

I first connected with Bre via a variety of social network platforms and recognized her skill at digital engagement immediately. As our organization began to make strides in the digital arena, I recommended that Bre apply for one of our positions and it became clear that I wasn’t the only person who identified her talents. She’s been a valuable resource for social media growth and engagement along with web development and digital content creation. Bre gets the social web. Period.

Samantha Glathar Inside Sales Operations Manager
Samantha worked with Bre in different groups at Entercom

Bre has been a great asset to Entercom, as well as my team specifically. In her role, she’s facilitated well-thought-out training to help further my team’s knowledge of social media and how it impacts the interactions we have in the business world. She also goes above and beyond on an individual basis, taking time away from her hectic schedule to work with anyone needing advice and guidance. She has a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, she has strived EVERYDAY to learn more about her ever-changing industry. She works hard and would be an asset to any company.

Lynn Hessley, SHRM-CP HR Partner at Bosch Service Solutions
Bre worked with Lynn in the same group at Entercom

It has been my pleasure to work alongside Bre for the last two years at Entercom Rochester. Bre’s passion for social media strategy, development, marketing, and engagement is infectious, inspiring and educating her colleagues and coworkers at Entercom Rochester and throughout the company. She is always happy to answer questions, to offer solutions, and is an asset to our workplace. The seminars and meetings she has directed are always a source of knowledge and education, and I always come away from her roundtable discussions with a new strategy for how to increase engagement and participation for the WBEE social media properties. Thanks to Bre’s direction, we have seen an incredible increase in our social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bre has many attributes, both personal and professional, that make her the ideal candidate for a Social Media Strategist position.

Scott Newburge Prevention Expert/Loss Control Specialist
Bre worked with Scott in the same group at Entercom

I have worked with Bre for close to two years now, and have nothing but outstanding things to say about her–as a co-worker and as a person. Bre’s knowledge of social media and how it works is second to none. More importantly, it’s her willingness to share that expertise with her colleagues by teaching and coaching that really makes her a wonderful asset (she’s done this with me on numerous occasions). Her consistency of follow up and follow through is terrific as well. What’s even better is that she does all of the above with both passion and kindness–qualities that seem to be in short supply in current American society.

JC Kirwan Director of Web Services and Digital Programs at University of Florida
Bre worked with JC in the same group at Entercom

Bre is extremely knowledgeable about Social Media and is a pleasure to work with. She’s easy to get along with, knows her business, and is flexible and understanding. I’d love for her to get this position with Entercom.

Heather Larson Peer Mentor — Crossover Recovery Center at Substance Abuse Center of Kansas
Bre worked with Heather in the same group at Entercom

I have worked with Bre Roz for more than the past year and have benefited directly each day from her guidance in all things social media. She is always quick to answer my emails, tweets, Facebook messages — every correspondence I can send her — and this is invaluable for someone like myself who works in a real-time, 24/7 broadcast environment. Working with Bre Roz has helped our staff to bring the Power 93.9 Facebook page above and beyond our competition here in the Wichita radio market. We have the most successful Facebook fan page of any radio station in Wichita and our page is also one of the best performers in the entire company. Bre has helped me get results, she has guided me, and she has motivated me. Making social media methods palatable to radio broadcast veterans is a tough task and I appreciate all of Bre’s hard work in helping us. We couldn’t do it without her! We need someone like her to show us the best content as well as all the tricks to being successful in a rapidly-changing social media environment. Bre is always on top of it. I am highly dependent on her at all times!

Jennifer Skjodt Media Company Executive
Bre worked with Jennifer in the same group at Entercom

Bre is not only very knowledgeable in the social media space, she is great at teaching and encouraging others how to engage as well!

Amanda Greene Producer/ Co-Host at 98.5 KRZ
Amanda worked with Bre in different groups at Entercom

Bre has been extremely helpful over the past couple of years as we learn how to develop & maintain our stations’ social media. I have reached out to her many times with questions regarding how to best engage our listeners and she always has answers. (Even if it’s as simple as “Facebook acts funny sometimes!”) She helps to make the transitions of adding more social media responsibility a little easier by being our go-to person.

Lance Richard VP and Market Manager at Entercom Communications Sacramento
Lance managed Bre directly at Entercom

Bre is a detailed professional with a strong work ethic. She also has a curious mind. Her curiosity helps her stay on top of the constant changes in the social media space and how those changes affect that way businesses market themselves.

Susan Munn
Susan managed Bre directly at Entercom

Bre is an honest and personable specialist in the field of Social Media. At a time when there is so much to keep up with this field, having an expert on staff like Bre is critical. Teaching our programmers how to merge their knowledge of programming with audience engagement on social media requires a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Bre is that type of teacher.

Patrick McMahon Morning Show Host at iHeartMedia Syracuse
Bre worked with Patrick in the same group at Entercom

Bre is an exceptionally intelligent, forward-thinking and innovative person. In my time working with Bre she was a great team player who was able to handle multiple tasks with excellence. She would be nothing less than a stellar addition to any company.

Jennifer Lane PR | Design | Writing | Social Media
Jennifer reported directly to Bre at Entercom

Bre Roz closely follows social network trends and provides useful information to Program Directors and everyone else engaging audiences through digital. Following Bre’s recommendations has helped to improve our standings in our social networks. Bre is always available for assistance, to answer any questions, and she always provides a quick response. Bre Roz has a full understanding of the immediacy required for digital operations and she employs this well.

Emily Thousand Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Moz
Bre worked with Emily in the same group at Entercom

Bre has a depth of knowledge on existing and emerging social networks that is unsurpassed by many. She is truly an “expert” when it comes to recommending the best ways to really leverage social media to build relationships. When it came to getting work done, Bre is very driven, reliable and has an excellent work ethic that I appreciated in a fellow team member.

Glenn Clark President at Crafting A Brand, Speaker, Brand Strategist
Glenn managed Bre directly at Clark CSM

Breanna is incredibly knowledgeable about Social Media and online communications, and her curiosity about “what’s next” keeps her ahead of the curve. She’s also a skilled programmer, and she demonstrated tenacity and perseverance when faced with technical challenges and next-hour deadlines. She’d be an asset to most any team or project.

Erin DiVincenzo Vice President, Marketing at Brand Integrity
Erin was senior to Bre but didn’t manage directly at Clark CSM

Bre is bright, hardworking and a continual learner about all things digital. She’s very talented and passionate about social media, web programming and building online communities. Her knowledge and abilities have helped our business and our clients’ businesses!

William Dodson Designer/Developer
William managed Bre directly at Outer Banks Design Works

Bre worked with us for an all-too-brief tenure as an assistant web designer before taking a full-time position with her current employer, Clark CSM Marketing Communications. She’s smart, a fast learner and quick-thinking. If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable, personable and gets down to work with minimal instruction then you would do well to hire Bre.

Barbara Shine Contract Leadership Development Trainer
Barbara was Bre’s college teacher

I had the pleasure of working with Breanna Roz in my Business 101 – Principles of Business class here at Genesee Community College in Fall 2007. Breanna consistently demonstrated exceptional work ethics in ensuring that work submitted was comprehensive and on time. Her written and verbal communications skills were very good. I am confident that Breanna will be an asset to any organization where she is employed.